Monday, August 12, 2013

Love from SAM 12 August 2013

What a nuts week! I got my boy! his name is Elder Pogue, and he's a legend! He lives in Saudi Arabia, but is originally from Louisianna.  He is super exited to be on a mission, and is a way fun kid.  Constantly throughout the day he'll just say "man we are so lucky to be on missions!" and he's just the best.  I have the priviledge of training a new missionary who understands the divinity of our calling! How lucky we are! anyways he's like 6'4, loves every single movie I love, and the same music as well. so that's really nice when we get to decide what movie were going to watch.... JUST KIDDING haha got ya.
So Ruby told me that she already told you that I'm STILL in Eastwood. haha and I will be for the next 2 transfers! We are extremely blessed to be here. I decided I'm not leaving... ever haha the first day Elder Pogue and I were together, he committed Nathan Rigley to baptism! He still has a lot of problems we need to sort out, but we will be working on that.  There is a part member family that we are teaching called the Kerr's, they are actually from Lehi, and I love them.  There are two kids that are probably going to get baptized within the next 2 months! So Jay, who kind of fell off the radar, wants to have the missionary lessons again! which is a miracle because we thought he totally gave up on trying to gain a testimony. 
I don't really know what to say.. after I've been on my mission for a bit every day is like way similar but so different, but I just don't know really what to tell you. I'm sorry that my letter this week is so short.  Keep praying for me as I do for you! Have another sweet week!
Mom: I'm so proud of you for reaching gold!! (whatever the heck that means, but in the olympics it's awesome so I'm gonna guess that it's awesome for you as well) You're the best mom ever. for so many different reasons!
It was so good to see so many pics of the family! I swear everyone has grown like a foot since I've been home! what the heck! tell Jeremy that he has got a filfthy beard (the good type of filfthy) and I might be having to grow one when I get back :)
Just the caption of Ghram singing Thrift shop made me laugh. I can only imagine how much I would have been laughing!

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