Friday, January 3, 2014

EVERYTHING BUT TAXES IS the 3rd of January...and I haven't done one spec of taxes for 2013. Yes, this is avoidance. Delaying taxes is a repeated theme in my life. Delaying the unpleasant is a repeated theme. I am ODD. I KNOW that once I start all unpleasant tasks, I usually end up finding satisfaction of some sort  in the doing...or PEACE...but that does not spur me to move.  I WILL CHANGE the delaying this year. For my taxes... Meg's Money Desktop app along with a new accountant will hold me to it. Change is in invigorating. Just KNOWING that this is the LAST TIME I WILL EVER SIT here with baskets of receipts and an empty excel spread sheet is ALMOST enough to get me started. STARTING is the hard part for me....but ONLY when I feel the task is unpleasant. Right? to make taxes appealing??? How to make all unpleasant things TO ME, appealing? I have thought how accountants LOVE their work...they figured it out...there must be a smidge of that "liking it" out there for me?

Delay tactic number one and most common: Dreaming.

I am dreaming of the year ahead. 2014. The numbers just LOOK right, right? This is my year. This is MY LIFE :) And yours  xxooxx

You will be impressed with how fit and radiant I look :)! I am T-voing ELLEN more and actually dancing with her daily. I LOVE to dance...WHY haven't I done it more? That pause you couldn't see was my breaking to dance to BLACK EYED PEAS  I Gotta Feeling and then had to keep dancing  to WALKING on SUNSHINE :).  I QUIT  just dreaming and start DOING in 2014. I laugh so much my tummy is tight from THAT workout. All these ideas and opportunities I am exploding with are happening with the people I love, the people I want to meet, and those I want to get to know better. I'm going to meet Oprah. And sometimes those people....that person... is JUST ME :) I keep learning to love ME this year. God made me and like I have said before...IS CRAZY MAD IN LOVE WITH ME...I want to learn to love what HE (they) LOVES the way HE LOVES :) I take more time for WHO and WHAT I love. I read some of the most favorite books I've ever read. So FUN to not even know which ones they are yet!!! I attract only kind and gently life lessons.  I go to double and triple features on a WORK day! I teach myself a working knowledge of Astrology. I spend a week at St. Augustine beach by myself most of the time. I continue to be tutored by the great minds and hearts LIVING on the planet, and those who are in other realms. I will HEAR myself. I am in charge of my body, my mind, and my schedule and I stay focused on my target goals. I break my goals into baby steps. I continue to work my grasp of LIVING IN THE PRESENT. I notice my feelings.  I am like Doreen Virtue has said "I take up my spirited arms and move with swift  speed into the night, awakening one and all to the magic that is life itself".  I choose my energy and what I create. I learn to manage the power of my creation! I CHOOSE Love, Laughter, Kindness and Happiness. I create memories and events that live for eternity with the loved ones I experience them with. I keep Brene Brown close. I rejoice in my failings that I am one step closer to success. I commit to my dreams for the long haul.

This is ALOT of I's. I wonder if I am making others uncomfortable with all these I's or if it is just me? Nope...I'm good.

Day 3 of 2014 is showing amazing promise for the rest of the days....Starting Taxes NOW.


Shelby Heffner said...

I too found it hard and procrastinated. So I know how you feel. I wanted to share my tips for tackling taxes, as they worked for me. Start today, to avoid rushing around at last minute; organise all your paperwork chronologically; and if numbers aren't your thing, hire someone or consider accounting software. Hope this helps :)

Shelby Heffner @ Cash Manager Limited

Wanda Hanson said...

I learned the hard way that putting off your taxes can have serious consequences. I put them off and one year turned to two, and then out of no-where we get a letter from the IRS that not only are they calling us in, they will do a force-file and eliminate any chance that we can utilize any deductions for those years we delayed.

Wanda Hanson @ Tax-Tiger

Meghan Payne said...

I can totally relate to the procrastination of filing taxes. Sometimes I want to start immediately on the 1st of January. But that never happens. Sometimes life seems to move to quickly and before you know it its almost April. Since reading your blog post I too hope to get my taxes done before it gets to be too late.

Meghan Payne @ Denver Book Keeping Service