Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday January 5th 2014

 Spencer and boys had a blast on the road trip! They snowboarded, went to the beach and spent a day at Magic Mountain.
 I hit Diamond! This top pic is of some of my frontline builders. Below is me with  Patrick and Allyse (my upline)--they had a big dinner party for me at La Jolla Groves and they dressed me and Dad up with all things glittery and then painted our faces with some weird makeup as you can see, and our nails with glittery polish...when the glitter makeup  wouldn't show up they went for goth with the black.  I'm not big on that kind of stuff...but they also had everyone go around the table and tell one thing they loved about me as their leader...I thought I was going to HATE that...turned out to be so incredibly sweet...I will treasure that forever.
Josh and I had such a great trip together to Seattle. I wish a 13 hour road trip for me with each of you kids. Later I will send you pics of his apartment...the view of the sound is magical. I just wish it weren't so gray. He and Michael will have a great time there. I am keeping in this short love. I will give more details later. I am one sick Chica....this is my first time out of bed head and my chest and my EVERYTHING aches. I have literally slept all day . Been a really long time since I've felt this sick.

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