Monday, January 27, 2014

Love from the Bammer 27 jan 2014

hello family and friends!
The work is still great! I do not have a lot of time this week so please forgive me for not writing loads.  I missed you guys this week. a lot! every night I had a dream that had Spencer in it, and most of them with the rest of the fam as well! I loved it! We are working with the most incredible people of my whole mission! have I mentioned my love for chinese people? if I haven't let me just re-emphasize how incredible they are. on thursday we taught cathy, zed, louis, and long at the uni and had a great lesson for the word of wisdom, all of them committed to living it, and Louis and long haven't smoked since thursdayOn friday we ran into long on the street and he said, "Elders! tonight we all cook for you!!" so we had a sweet feast with them at Louis' and Long's house.  amazing food. It was so fun to watch them eat with chopsticks and enjoy the chinese culture. AMAZING food! better than P.F. changs, and the way you eat it is so fun! you don't have a plate, you just have a little bowl of rice, but you just take the food with chopsticks, and then put it in your mouth, so the rice is basically just for if you eat something too spicy.  We will definitely be adapting some of their culture when I come home. We had a great time on friday, and then after we were done, Cathy and zed invited us over to their house saturday night for another chinese feast, and then we taught them after. They brought 2 of their non-member friends. So... from finding cathy and zed at city center, we are now teaching cathy, zed, tina, frank, louis and long as a result! they are amazing missionaries and their faith is so good! They all came to church and loved  it again.  
Some really bad news.. Coventry's baptismal font is not functional until March 1. we had a baptism on saturdayand 4 on the 8th that all have to get moved back, unless we travel to the nearest chapel which is 30 minutes away. so we will see what we decide to do. we had 8 investigators at church again, and would have had more if it wasn't for the terrible weather. we have 4 investigators that either cycle or walk. and yesterday  morning was a crazy storm so they didn't come which was sad but understandable. I definitely would not have came if I wasn't a missionary because of the storm. but cycling in the rain can sometimes be fun :)
on Friday we are going to the chinese new year party that the university is throwing, and our chinese investigators have agreed to introduce us to all of their friends! so it is going to be an amazing oppurtunity to find even more people to find! I sincerely don't want to leave Coventry my whole mission, but we will see what happens.  In Coventry ward we had 21 investigators at sacrament meeting, and we found out that our ward is now leading the mission! which was really exiting for all of us.  Miracles are happening like crazy! 
Is everyone rooting for the seahawks?? I predict this will be one of the best superbowls of all time, so ENJOY IT. enjoy it for me, I will be missing you guys like crazy on sunday morning. probably the same as I did on Christmas! but ti's all good, because we've got every other superbowl of the rest of our lives together! Hows megs and lau and ky doing? So good to hear that you are all happy and progressing.  
Something pretty neat I've been studying in the book of mornon.. it's basically a book that tells us that when we are obedient we receive blessings, prospering, and happiness, and when we are not obedient we don't have the promise, and it's so true! I love this gospel, I love the chinese, I love our savior, I love you guys so much, and I appreciate your prayers. have an incredibile week! nothing is too hard for the lord! 
Elder Samuel Harris.  

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