Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hello 2014!!!!

 Terrance posted this on his facebook and I HAD to steal it...look how long these guys have been besties!!!
Could life be sweeter than this? To have Friends who stay with us for the whole journey?
 I saw these ideas on a post and wanted to put them here to make sure that I remember to DO THEM.
I decided that just because you kids are gone doesn't mean that I can't have Wacky Wednesday's still this summer. I've decided that Wednesday will be my Saturday this summer and I will just PLAY anyway...and these are some of the creations I will PLAY at....
I LOVE planning my life, my fun, my JOY!!!

 I will use my rocks from Donegal, Ireland....
 LOVE THIS PIC of MIKE MOST MOST MOST MOST....and would have this graffiti be my anthem.
Thinking maybe to have a Wacky Wednesday Reunion this summer and thought this would STILL be fun for all of us....hard not to dream of Summer in the winter......and ALL OF YOU BEING HOME WITH ME....sam, we would do it AGAIN when you are home.

How were your weeks? I know everyone was thrilled with Seattle's win! And the Seminoles:). I know I am a GATOR first..but I really do have to cheer for anything FLORIDA.  As I watched the rain pour down during the Seahawks game I was even more sure that I really am a FLORIDA girl...I like SUNSHINE with my rain :)

I can't tell you the relief I feel in Michael finally having a car! Sam-he got a Forester like Spencer only his is black. Something about my knowing that at ANY given deciding minute he CAN just walk out his door and drive home to me.  :)

Been snowy and cold. Been COLD and slippery.  Did I tell you it's been COLD???? As much as I don't love running circles at the rec center...I am blessed to have it. Even this morning I wanted to get OUT...but the roads are still too icy. More snow expected for today.

I have had a thoughtful week. Another one. You know how I love to have something chewy for my mind...and heart.  A few interactions have caused me to mediate longer, pray harder, look deeper, love freer, and speak much more slowly. One day I will give you the details of the interactions...but not yet.

I am not sure that I have ever had this conversation with you kids. You know I believe we are all energy beings and that WE  create our lives with our energy. I believe that we create everything that comes to us. IN our creating comes to us a reflection of who and where we are on our life journey. There is something for us to learn about ourselves and our path ALWAYS-- in what we create/bring to ourselves. That the opportunities and events of our lives are seldom, if ever, really about the other person. They are for OURSELVES.

What are YOU creating loveies? Are you HAPPY? Are you your authentic selves? Are you listening to your HEART or to your HEAD?  If you could be BEING / DOING anything right your life a reflection of a path to that??? Questions I am asking myself.

I have learned that listening to our heart and our dreams is what keeps us on our true path. That each path is so individual it CANNOT be compared to ANY others. OUR HEART is our truest COMPASS. My head has brilliantly led the way for too long---I did not trust my heart enough. It felt to me that my heart did not align up with what the KNOWING people said. So I defaulted to them. I didn't trust me. TRUST YOURSELVES.

The good news is...your heart WILL burst out  and above your head if you sincerely petition the heavens for truth.  I have spent TOO MUCH TIME in my head during my life from all the things I was told to BE/DO. I am excited to say that everyday I am hearing my heart and soul more.  I am converting to my HEART. I can HEAR myself. I KNOW what my dream is. YOU are always apart of my dream. I SOOOO love that you are adults and that we can work this around  together.  I adore and love hearing all of your input.

 Marianne Williamson says "EVERYTHING IS LOVE or a CALL FOR LOVE". I know this. I trust this. Could this be our families mantra for 2014???? I am hoping that because you have now read this statement from her, that it will pop into your mind every now and again and you will chew on it.  Just repeat it and repeat it. CHEW. See how it applies. I want for you to  take a look at all that is in your life.... and with open excited arms, HOLD all that you have created....EXCEPT of course....those things that don't bring you HAPPINESS...or those things that you need to put down so that the NEW can be welcomed in....SET DOWN THOSE THINGS NOT WORKING FOR YOU or KEEPING YOU FROM HAPPINESS. Your Momma says: SET THEM DOWN!

Each of us are experiencing enormous changes right now...which brings GREAT BLESSINGS. To bring in newness we have to let old parts of our lives fall away. Alot of parallels to the resurrection Sam. Sometimes the falling away part can feel fearful to me, but my knowing tells me how silly that is...that instead it would be a better choice to CELEBRATE and be in GRATITUDE for the shedding of the old! I love embracing the blessings and lessons of the old...but I cherish more that I can then let go of what is no longer serving me. I am SO EXCITED for the new gifts that are showered on each of us...and as Doreen Virtue says "Let their magic surprise and delight you!" She also says "Don't be concerned about endings, as they are bringing in the new for you.". Our heart prayers are answered with change.

I watched Dorene Virtue's reading on can You tube it if you want. I LOVED IT! According to the Chinese New Year chart this is the year of the horse...I love IT!  The horse represents strength and speed. I want BOTH :)  I plan to mount that steed and head through the year on a mission of LOVE and GROWTH and SUCCESS!

I encourage each of you to take some kind of a risk this year that will put your hearts true desire into action.

Procrastinating your dreams won't make them go away....neither will it make them happen. Another Dorene quote "Indecision is the death of a soul's burning passion to improve, to grow, to learn. Don't worry about making a wrong decision. Make a decision. Once made the universal energies will immediately support your decision and doors will successively open as if by magic. The magic you see, is that YOU'VE set your mind to accomplish something." My life proves evidence of this truth. Go DO TERRA!!! Go REAL ESTATE!!! Go POOL!!! GO LOVE and TRUTH!!! GO HAPPINESS!!!! :)   I SOOOOO want YOU to know the truth of this. I want YOU to have YOUR DREAMS!!!

Don't consider the possibility or the impossibility. Just define the feelings and the END RESULT of what you want...and start walking there.

Back to Marianne Williamson's quote EVERYTHING IS LOVE or a CALL FOR LOVE". Love YOURSELF, love others, and every situation. Yes. I said that. Every situation. Be ONE with the Divine. Choose to do your "work" from the higher level of consciousness-- where LOVE reigns supreme--my testimony as your 50 year old Momma,  is that it is HERE, in this place, where the most GOOD can be done and felt and LIVED.

On the days or in the moments when you are tired or confused or discouraged or depressed or just feeling LESS than...CALL YOUR MOMMA...I will wrap you up wherever you are, in MY LOVE. And on the days when you are giddy with excitement and bounding around the planet from the MAGIC that IS  life itself ...CALL YOUR MOMMA to share with me and to strengthen our knowing and LOVE connections!!! And on all the other days...CALL YOUR MOMMA or text.!  :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

I am  putting away/down much of the OLD that my HEAD told me was more right.  I am listening to my heart. I KNOW my dreams. I am so excited for more of them to be made manifest. I am LIVING most of my dreams now. Today.  It is ALL about a world of LOVE.

I have had reason this week to ponder the times when my LOVE has taken the form of excluding or separating out myself from others. Boundaries. Choices. Separation. Boundaries and separating out have been tricky for me my whole life. I cling to INCLUSION.  Please want me.  I don't really think I started understanding boundaries until a few years ago thanks to an amazing counselor, Jodi Hildebrandt, and a dear friend, Barb Muirhead. You can read all kinds of books on co dependency and boundaries....and just NOT GET IT while you are swimming in it...until YOU DO.

What was so clear to everyone else---was so mixed up in my heart and head.  It wasn't until I heard someone say...THIS IS CODEPENDENCY: when you let someone else's feelings and beliefs trump your own because you are worried about their feelings more than your own. 

I GOT IT! Sweet lessons. Life is kind.  I am in a place for the first time where I can stand and say that what is important to me,  does not have to bow down or be less important  because that might hurt someone else's feelings. It's critical that EACH of us LEARN to listen to our OWN hearts. Now other people's feelings do not trump my own....most of the time. I got the Jesus teachings all messed in my head. I was SURE that we came here to think of others first. Mother Theresa is still a saint to me.  I totally misunderstood "thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself".  I missed the whole thyself part. I missed that Mother Theresa had to love herself in a way I STILL do not know to give her work its meaning.  That scripture, even as PLAIN as it is written, meant to me...THOU SHALT LOVE THY NEIGHBOR ABOVE THYSELF.

To those who have never known the place of co dependency, they look into this as the ridiculous...WHAT DO YOU CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK??? Well...I have spent a life caring. A life thinking that most others SHOULD (you know how I feel about that word now) come above myself if I am a true Christian. And I still do sometimes. I LOVE my neighbor. I LOVE people. I finally have the concept more straight. Messy me. And messy for so long.

 Now I just LOVE ME too. Of course I never learn things perfectly so my pendulum swung pretty far to the loving myself for a bit. I do not apologize. I was due. When you haven't loved yourself it takes a minute to find you.  I am swinging closer to the middle, I smile at my imperfect perfection. Yep. I did that. Yep...that was my lesson learning process. But HEY! HERE I AM!!! Happy and GODDESS in training.  I give ME the same credence I was giving my neighbors.  I see how smart people are. I want to be smart. I see how kind, generous, world changing...I wanna be those things.  I want to be joined to so many of them. I want their progressed energies to rub up against mine. Now that I stand more fully in my I AM...its okay that I step left and allow those whose spaces I am not attracted to currently, their  own space in differing with me. It does not mean that I wish to remove them from my world. I will just step left and look in with curiosity at their rules and their happiness. I will continue to use them as a mirror for what I am reflecting.

I am navigating new waters with new oars children. I look around and am dazzled at how many ways there are to travel a journey. I hope you can TOUCH MY JOY ...feel the feelings I feel for you as I watch you travel. Whether you run, fly, crawl, hop...I will trust  your way.   Having you all OUT in the world, all over the place, is NOT my favorite...unless of course, IT IS. Life is such a duality. Paradox.  I HATE that you are not at the dinner table each night catching me up on your days....yet I LOVE that you are out in the world seeking and learning its magic. There is so much JOY here. I am so grateful for my life and that YOU belong to me. YOU ARE MY GREATEST GIFT on this journey. May yours be all the sweeter by learning from my stumbles and detours.

My greatest JOY is to witness you hearing your heart and acting on it. That reminds me of John 1:4 "I have no greater joy than to know that my children walk in truth." YOUR TRUTH IS YOUR HEART AND YOUR DREAMS. Trust them my chickadees.


If ever I can be a source or assist in providing an opportunity, be a needed hand to hold, or a mirror...I am your Momma...I came to do exactly that. Oh that I were an angel and could give you the perfect path. Wait...I am...and I did!!!!!! I provided your life possibility :)  NO MATTER WHAT YOU CHOOSE YOUR PATH WILL BE PERFECT FOR YOU. I believe this. I also believe that whatever you need will show up when you need it. Your Guru's are ready and waiting for you to come and ask.  I just suggest lots more JOY than PAIN. Both are teachers. CHOOSE JOY!!!!

What I want? Is to get it RIGHT this time around on earth. Is to have days and weeks and months and more years spent CREATING with YOU xxooxxooxxooxx


We are called to serve. Happy January 2014
Da Momma

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