Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday 26th of January

 YES! this IS Madeline :)
 Spencer making me cry with his facebook pic posts.
 Let's just say we are ALL MISSING YOU!!!!
But this one tears me up the most....what a sweet sweet sweet life we have had. I am grateful for all that has come to us and for ALL THAT IS TO COME!!!! xxxoooxxx

You can see from my posts that I've had a lovely week. And today may be my most favorite yet and its only 7:28 am :) I awoke from this crazy awesome dream and just wanted so badly to GO BACK and be with those people and keep discussing what we were discussing. I texted Sara and Kim to tell them I was ditching our run. I snugged back into my YUMMY WARM bed, smelling the just right scent of the newly clean sheets, (IF ever I'm truly rich, I'm gonna have a maid who puts clean sheets on the bed every day:), stretched  and snugged and snugged into my pillow some more in the luxury of NOT HAVING TO BE ANYWHERE. Lionel Ritchie's EASY LIKE SUNDAY MORNING was playing in my head. Craig Morgan's THATS WHAT I LOVE ABOUT SUNDAY started playing in my mind too...but then I realized there were parts I didn't choose and shut it off :)  I couldn't quit smiling because THIS, THIS was my dream of a Sunday morning...I felt so content. I closed my eyes and called my dream friends back...and they CAME!!!! I have had some pretty great dreams that I have awoken from and never been able to call them back to me after awakening. Whoa. It CAN happen! For a bit I thought about laying in bed all day...but then I thought of all of you and wanted to come "BE" with you more...SO HAPPY SUNDAY LOVIES. I wish I could pile you ALL in my bed and we could spend the day there together catching up.

I know Josh and Michael went to the movies together and worked. THAT'S NOT ENOUGH. I want details boys...I know Michael is considering Alaska again. Josh is NOT :) Dad is in a lot of places in South America. Megan got her bedding and new TV hutch and is feeling very ADULT. She is selling more and more houses on the side. Last night Spencer came to hot tub with Kasey and Tanner P and Johnny P came over. I am so SAD I did not think to get their pics. Tanner has a full beard. Johnny P has manly scruff that makes his already ridiculously handsome self look even more attractive.  I was already in bed reading my new Sarah Addison Allen book and in my jammies so I didn't go out and hang.

Christmas is STILL up. Probably NOT going to take it down today. :) Really loving the idea of just getting back in that bed and finishing my book and watching super soul sunday and ??? NOT ANOTHER THING :)

This is no secret. I LOVE me some GOOD food. I've had my share of GOOD FOOD for the past 6 months. Now it is time to recapture the body the REAL Natalie enjoys living in. NOW IS THE TIME. So TODAY is the day. I'll make up my lost run later today. I'll enjoy my green smoothie. I LOVE my body. I feel so blessed for all the joy and pleasure it has given me. I still MARVEL that it produced YOU!!! I marvel that it happened and I have no idea or understanding of the complex magic that took place to have that occur. But it did. AND IT BROUGHT ME MY MOST FAVORITEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET!!!

I am LOVING the incredible people Do TERRA brings into my life. I got to have 3 new Florida builders and 2 new Texas builders in our home this past week...I was MEANT to do this business JUST for the people! So much GOODNESS on this earth.

YOU ARE GOODNESS on this earth. I am so proud of you. LOVE HARD, PLAY HARD, MISS ME HARD. Unless of course you decide to just come home :)   :)   :) ALWAYS AN OPTION---just sayin' :)

Your momma loves you!

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