Friday, November 7, 2014

He's HOME Sammer!!!!!

 I will see him sometime today!!!!!
 Yep...SHE is even more beautiful. Gotta love it when the Bro friends come with gorgeous siblings.
And me? I only have 124 days till WE get to take these pics!!!!!!

I got home super late last night. I really really really love driving HOME from the airport. There is a feeling about getting back to the people you love. Hard not to speed. LOVED that Spencer came over to welcome me.  Love that MY pillows truly are as incredible as I think when parted from them. Love that there is beauty everywhere. Loved the full moon.

It was a trip FILLED with blow your heart out emotions. Gracie. Gracie has survived 2 surgeries, but now has pneumonia. She need s more surgeries but they don't dare till that is cleared up.The nurses have re-intubated her. I mentioned that I wouldn't want to recover from all of it even  at my age....and wanted mercy for her...a friend responded..."how do we really know what mercy looks like?" Some real stuff to chew on right there. And then the whole "healer" issue...I called the missionaries to come giver her a blessing because I knew she would want it. I couldn't help but think of our Sam being called in. Is there a Jesus amongst us who could be sent to bless and heal her? Especially with my oil work I daily see women who are magic at healing and have hairs raise when some are adamant that only men have the authority to call down God's love and healing.  Male or female...GOD heals....and then there are the questions of what parts are God's and what parts are ours.  Gracie has spent a life of doing her part.

In Atlanta, Tiffany's brother in law had just passed quickly with a brain tumor a few days before. Alot of love and loss witnessed first hand. And most sweet....the call and heeding of loved ones, gathering around to comfort and get through. We need each other. All of us NEED each other.

All during this I am talking to 2 different agents about what health insurance I am to get. Absolutely in denial that Obama care could require a 51 year old with her tubes cut an cotterized to carry maternity insurance for herself. in more denial at the monthly price for no real coverage. Oh the retirement I could build with that much going in each month.  I want everyone to have health care. But creating non negotiable policies beyond the ridiculous is SO not the way to aid. Elections were held while I was gone. Pot was not legalized in Florida...they required 60% of the 58%...darn hard for me to not think of ways they could use THAT tax to get health care affordable.

I just want to preach nutrition....plant based eating and plant based healing w the oils....I want to live it myself. Choices. Dang it. Just comes down to choices. Filled up with gratitude that we get to assist each other with the examples of our very lives in making our choices.

A reminder...Oprah and Deepak have their Free meditation on for you to join me.

Grandmom Harris is coming for we will go out to dinner and then a few will be super weird to only have Spencer home. Let's start some FUN planning for Christmas!!!!!

I am taking the Sammer his Christmas when I this next trip so get me your ideas ASAP :)

I have a friend who decided to participate in a National online craze whereby you get rid of everything except 100 item would include your toothbrush. You KNOW this momma would never go there because she dearly loves her comfort...but it has made for some very thoughtful moments as I now assess....would this be one of my 100 items? It has also aided in my clearing out items that others could be using since I'm not at the moment. Hadn't given my pillow enough appreciation. It's an insightful way to spend a few makes you ultra aware of how many HUNDREDS of THINGS we are blessed with to make our lives so GOOD.

YOU aren't a THING...but you are on the top of all of my lists. This trip time was jammed packed with explore your heart moments. While I was filled to the brim in Florida and Georgia, at home I missed Tanner coming home, and that Gordon Van Wagoner died. We leave a mark. YOU chickadees have left my most treasured marks in my soul....and even the physical you've left me... ones like the stretch marks....I'M GRATEFUL!!!! Happy reminders that I GET TO BE YOUR MOM.

I've read more books...The FLYING DRUM-The MOJO Doctor's Guide to Creating Magic in YOUR Life by Bradford Keeney, Phd.
MOJO is a new favorite word...going to work it into one of the family gathering names :)

A quarter way in to Paramahansa Yogananda's THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST

I don't have so many ideas of my very own to gift to you....but I am way thrilled that we get to share ALL the ideas of love and loving with each other.

Shine that light. Be Kindness. Listen more. Talk less. Pray. Hug longer and harder...especially the MOMMA xxxxxxxxoooooooooxxxxxxxx

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