Monday, November 3, 2014

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Saturday morning started out glorious with me getting to connect with Sam via email. Halloween night had been a wonder here in sleepy Alachua. We packed the car and headed to teach in Daytona. As we were in the Ocala National Forest I got a call from Christine.

Let me back up a bit. You know how I stay with Christine's mom while I am in Gainesville? Her name is Grace Hawkins. I just can't remember what Iv told you or not told you about her. So, I 'm going to take a minute right now. Gracie was one of MY Mom's super good friends...never really forgave  Grace for teaching my mom about sprouting. Grace is 74 now. My mom would have been 70.

Grace took over the role of mothering me these past 18 months. She has been my sweet cheerleader and my oil advocate. She has loved me and loved on me. She has been a safe resting place for me in my travels. I was with Grace from the first night I was here until Halloween Morning.

Grace had been invited to be apart of an art show down in Deland. She was thrilled, and this was her first time participating in this kind of an event. She paid the local car shop $1300 to get everything in the car checked over and running perfectly to make the 2 hour drive. When I left her, she was mostly packed and was ironing away on prints that needed to be flattened from the press rollers. Most of her pieces were of her drawings of King Fisher Island in New York.

We hugged as I left and she told me I was an inspiration to her, that she wanted me to assist her in taking care of Christine, ...that she loved talking religion and light with me. As I drove out she held up the hand sign for love that I so often and held up first for her....she beat me to it.

So...I go teach some classes, have Halloween and am heading to Daytona the next day when Christine calls me. Gracie has been in a head on accident with a semi. She has 12 known broken bones, several lacerations,punctured ribs,...both arms...left leg crushed, right leg nasty lacerations...alot, ALOT of hurt and broken. At 74 and guestimated at 96 pounds...not sure she will come through this.

As I spent the night in ICU with Christine and Grace....I loved on EACH of you. There are volumes more to be written...just wanted you to know whats up here in Florida, and how much I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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