Thursday, November 13, 2014

Love before take off xxooxx 13 Nov 2014

As I packed Sam's Christmas present I just danced!!! Last one to pack and then he is HOME!!! Sammer--open the box when you get it...a few things are for ahead of time:) I have been dreading leaving again until this morning...I LOVE my ENGLAND peeps!  I love the way they love the oils. I LOVE when I am that CLOSE to Sam...thought maybe I should deliver his package personally to the mission home :) I am rushing around to get out of here. But I tried to goose all of you up early this week with everything I could gather going on. SO MUCH LOVE AND HAPPINESS ALWAYS GOING ON!!!! I love OUR PART in it all :) xxooxx

The weather has done its winter thing. I am longing for a hot tub or fireplace. My showers are LONG:)

Did you make your 11 11 wishes?

Had birthday dinner here for Tammy P last night with all my girlies...they send their love. It is an awesome feeling to know how wrapped up in love and tending we are by so many.

The Oprah and Deepak Meditation I sent you the link to is SOOOO worth a listen. I intend to convert all of you to daily meditation.

Just a JOYFUL shout out of deep deep gratitude...8 days now of  running and NO FOOT PAIN!!! I am BACK!!! My arm has graduated to the last torture turn and now I get to get it started on the next level of happy body here. Happy HEART...HAPPY MIND!

I love you all SOOOO Big! Miss me...not sure if I will be able to post till Thanksgiving...
I AM SOOOO GRATEFUL for each of you!

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