Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hey hey!! 

As I said to dad already, this was easily the busiest week of my life! On Saturday the baptism of Sonia was brilliant! She loved her experience, and the confirmation was very special for her as well. One of the most tender moments I'll remember forever is a prayer that she offered on monday, a prayer of gratitude to have been able to learn about the book of mormon, Joseph Smith, and especially about the atonement. She understands the gospel and gets repentance, it's been incredible to be a part of her teaching process. 

On Sunday we drove to Hereford to drop off Elder Dryden-he's the man! it was fun to spend a day with him, when we got back to Birmingham we spent the rest of the night finishing transfers. It was such a spiritual and uplifting experience to have been a part of transfers.  It was a shock to me how much of an influence Elder Higham and myself had on transfers. 

Monday we had call ins with the zone leaders and spent the rest of the day in the office as usual. Staying up til2:30 a.m. working on the travel arrangements for the missionaries getting transferred.  Tuesday we woke up and finished the travel arrangements, and then spent the rest of the day with departing missionaries.  The train station is about an 30 minute walk away from the mission office, and so we spent a few hours going to and from the train station picking up departing missionaries. As they had their departing interviews with president, we weighed their luggage to make sure they would be able to get on the flight without the 200£ fee if the luggage is over weight, and then, we participated in what is called, "Trunky night," basically we all go to the mission home and eat an incredble meal, go around the table and talk about mission memories, then we have a testimony meeting that last around an hour, and then they stay up all night reminising on the mission, until 3:00 A.M. when we wake up to get to the air port. Participating in this day with the departing missionaries was a crazy experience. It made me realize a lot of things. 1. There is an end to full-time missionary service. 2. The time we have is SO limited 3. I want to make it to that day, knowing that I gave everything I could to the savior for this short time of 2 years.. 4 months to go, I can't believe it's actually coming to a close in the near future. 

Wednesday we met the new missionaries, helped them, answered their questions for what the mission is going to be like, and gave them some good food. It's weird looking back to the first days of a mission as well, because I was also, very nervous, very afraid of what was going to happen, and aware of how long 2 years was. It's so crazy, because it's said all the time, but the second that we forget ourselves and let this become god's mission everything just seems to work out, we are happier, the work goes better, miracles happen. 

Thursday we had mission leadership council again, it was another great meeting. 

Friday we got to proselyte for the first time, for about 2 hours. The work is going incredibly slow at this point in time, but in the short time we've had to find new people, we've seen some miracles. We're now teaching a lady called Zamdi, she's from South AFrica, she obviously loves Jesus, and after we shared the restoration with her she said, "If this is true than it's the most important message in the world." she hit the nail on the head with that one.  

That's about it for this week. I can't wait to take a nap after I'm finished emailing! thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks which is crazy, and I'm excited for you all to have a wonderful holiday season! please know that I am in good shape out here, trying to soak in every second to set a foundation for the rest of my life to grow upon. LOVE YOU ALL!!! 

Elder Sam Harris. 

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