Monday, September 10, 2012

Email from Spencer 10 Sept 2012

hey fam

so this week was great uriel and liz, los mora and los martinez all came to church this week and are progressing toward baptism, los mora have there interview this thursday, steven as well and uriel and liz are still working on marriage but they will get there. all in all its been an awesome week.

we have an investigator named clara who i swear in a hispanic non member version of our mother, so loving to everyone and nopt scared to be herself, shes 42 and this week has had alot of doctrinal questions and issues, my favorite one being " if i lived with god before i came here why would he send me to this place of destruction and depression when i was in a comfy safe place, and where there would be a risk of losing me forever" i then gave an analogy of how its like being born a baby and then never growing, never learning to walk or run or play or love, just a baby eternaly, and how god wanted us to grow and become happy as he is, and she then replied, "your not a parent, if i had the chance my children would never leave me, i wouldnt let them leave where they could get hurt" so like our mother!! but by the end i helped her realize how selfish that would be and how if we werent aloud to make our own decisions we would never grow, ( not to mention, that was satans plan after all) and then she made us delicious food and we read the bom, mom i hope one day you get to meet clara , you would love her. your like two peas in a pod.

so sad that my sd card got lost cuz that had my life on it for the past year :( but you will have to live with printed copies, which isnt even all the pics , just some.

its so crazy seeing sam, in college, and sheridan too, in college, i feel like time should just freeze back home so when i get back nothing changed, but thats impossible, it will never be the same, i wont be the same my friends wont be the same, you guys wont be the same the house wont be the same, it will just be different, but for some reason im ok with that, before my mission i would definatly not be ok with so much change, but change is progress, and progression is the eternal principle to happiness, im so happy i can eternaly change and progress with my family. the gospel is just perfect, literaly.

i also had an awesome dream yesterday of me destroying a j-dubs testimony in there bible and watched him shake and cry in sobs as he accepted a baptismal date haha, i love my new deepest desires to preach the gospel and change lifes, baptism is just so awesome, the temple is even better, anyways got to run, i love and miss you too mom i look at your pic nightly and as i study, youve taught me all i ever needed to know , love.


elder harris

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