Monday, September 24, 2012

Email from Spencer

hey fam this week was awesome
we got two of our investigators interviewed for baptism and are getting baptized this saturday, carmen mora and giovani tranquilino. and were pumped we should continue to baptize next month after conference every week , the difference has really been just getting the branch involved and just as excited as us to baptize!
we had 6 investigators at church and our attendance was great we were able to get alot more less actives to church this wek as well.
ive been ridiculously sick this week but have not been able to take a rest cuz weve been slammed with apointments plus i just like teaching more then i like sleep so today im gonna take a big nice long sleep and hopefull my sore throat and cough will go away , i hope its not strep, but with me it usually is.
we had a lesson over at the familia mora house this week which was awesome, we got a returning member family were teaching, los gonzalez cruz to come and they all bore there testimonies and lets just say there nothing that will stop hermana mora from getting baptized now, these last two weeks she has come to every activity of the reliefe societ and church and so shes looking to be a really solid member and future member missionary, her children are not baptized and shes already started praying that her daughters will accept the gospel, carmen is 65 and her daughters are in there high thirtys and are very catholic but you cant ever underestimate the power of a mother.
she should get a calling really soon after her baptism. giovani is 9 so as you know all little children are elect, it was way awesome to see him explain the restoration to our zone leader haha for a 9 year old hes a boss.
im so glad he found the sd card i knew i sent it and almost freaked when i thopught it was lost.
thanks so much mom for inviting my buds over i miss them so much and they need you in there life still, you need them too, there basically fam anyways.
tell everyone of the love i have for them and that they are in my prayers, i truly do pray for you all by name. not just fam, but friends too.
paz fuera
con mucho amor y carino
elder harris

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