Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Kauai

 Here's the sea turtle!!

 Nothing's changed Spencer!

 Wierd cave up past Princeville!
 Sam's killing me in those shorts!
 Hiking to the waterfall...
 I feel HORRIBLE! I put the spray sunscreen and Josh and didn't know I had to rub it in and all over and he was our stripped tiger for the trip...what was funny was to see the OTHER people who had done the same!!!

 See Sam about to do his back flip? And me about to have a coronary!

 I opted out...aren't you suprised?? I was NOT going to try to crawl back up those slick rocks! Double click on this picture to see Sam's rocking weight lifting BACK :)

 The hike to the Falls was GORGEOUS....there were leaves the size of a giant pizza!

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