Sunday, September 9, 2012

Living the LIFE!!! Sept 4-9 2012

 In an INCREDIBLE GAME...the Aggies beat Utah and both the brothers were there!! I was proud of Josh for getting OUT of the Library :)
 And then I'm just HOPING that Sam makes it to the library:) Sam was on the ESPN footage!!!! So were Bryson and Devin! I LOVE that they are all having such an AMAZING time!!

 Uncle Ron turned 50! Just a few months before me!!! We were sad to miss the party, but with leaving for Hawaii this week we couldn't make it up there. It's so GREAT that Laura lives here now so she will take care of the cats and chickens and house! We have told her to just PARTY here all week! We are SO going to miss you Spencer!
 Sam and Sheridan ice blocking....just like the old Wacky Wednesday Days only this time in LOGAN!

 Meg and Kylee made sure the BYU game was covered...Byu beat Weber State (no surprise). Poor Weber State...why would they even sign up to play such a bigger school?
 Sam bowling and taking advantage of ALL Utah State has to offer:)
Leonard still hanging in there!
Work is still CRAZY busy and I am a HAPPY Girl! I am SO EXCITED to have most of us together for a whole week to just BE US! Josh and Sam are freaking to leave school. I get it...I am just praying it won't be SO hard for them. We'll take LOTS of pictures for you.

I see the temps in South Carolina and they look like they are getting better for you... :)?

I am definitely doing SOME KIND of  NESTING whether it be empty or no....I--with the help of Megan and Michael (LOVE LOVE LOVE having him HOME by the way) cleaned out the basement and had a garage sale yesterday. I actually got rid of the crib and the matching dresser. Guess it's real. Guess I'm really NOT going to have another Baby :(    I put the frowny face, but its OKAY. I AM READY TO PLAY!!!! Planning the transition has been FUN!!!

I also gave up my HOPE chest and lots of framed pics from previous houses and all sorts of STUFF. It feels good. There is  new air in this house. Goal is for every drawer and cupboard to be cleaned out, streamlined and ORGANIZED. I want to feel like I LIVE IN the Pinterest organizer pages :)

The BEST thing I got rid of was all the FOOD STORAGE!!! Let it be written and read, that I will NEVER again spend TIME, ENERGY much less MONEY, storing FOOD that just goes out of date because NO ONE wants to eat it---EVER. Yes, I like the children of Noah will drown or burn or starve HAPPILY with knowlegde of MY CHOOSING another way. My OTHER WAY??  I will keep a costco sized box of snickers in the freezer...when the big quake comes we will live happily on those and BBQ up all that is IN the  freezers and SURELY if Chile could be up and running in 3 days UTAH can be up in running in 5??  I was SICKENED at the money and energy wasted over the years in that effort as we carted all those cannery boxes up and out to the truck and dump.   IT IS FINISHED!!!!!! I AM FREE!!

After the garage sale (and a long minute in the pool because I KNOW my days are numbered)...we headed up to Timber Lakes for a sleep over at the Nickels cabin. They provided the steaks and we brought up all the sides from Wallaby's. The canyons are gorgeous on the way up. It was my first time 4 wheeling by myself and it was exhilerating. I just LOVE me some jet skis, snow mobiles and NOW 4 wheeler's!!! We saw tons of deer and rabbits. There cabin is BEAUTIFUL!!! It was SO relaxing to just show up with bought yummy food and just play play play! After dinner we played Rummicube and you know I love a good game! Especailly a NUMBERS game! Then we watched a movie we missed when it was in the theaters with Ashton Kutcher and that adorable blond from Grey's Anatomy called KILLERS. You just want to watch her talk and walk and wear her clothes. She's adorable. The story line was predictable but Ashton wasn't so bad to look at either:)
There was some kind of animal in the attic of our bedroom so just as I would fall off to sleep it would scurry across the ceiling and make these noises. Needless to say I had to turn the light on to see if I thought there was ANY way it was going to get into the room. It was an exciting night:) I lay there a LONG time thinking how excited I will be to rent their cabin once you are home for us to have a GET AWAY!!!!

Kathy Wharton came by the garage sale and they leave Oct 7 to pick up Cole and will get back with him on the 24th....I'll take good pics. You can imagine how THRILLED she is! Saw Ali at Los Hermanons and of course she sends her married love and wanted and update.  I guess Austin had some kind of surgery? Will get details and fill you in.

I love the look you give me in your picture each time I open my laptop. I LOVE that you are REAL and MINE and just somewhere else for a minute. I was thinking about my grandkids and's just the same with them!!! They are just somewhere else for a minute like Spencer!!! YOU make the world a better place Spencer. Love on! and MISS ME!!! And I promise not to count down the weeks WITH YOU any more....but believe me, my brain can't help but count it!

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