Sunday, September 23, 2012


 Yep. And here are the pics to prove it. I have LONG had a "rule' that if any of my kids were going to do something crazy like this that they couldn't tell me until AFTER when they were safe and in MY ARMS.  They all wanted to do it so bad. I have been taking this POWER 90 Class and doing some DEEP self evalutaion and was able to look at it "another" way...I DON'T want my kids to have the fears I do. I am sure you will have enough all on your own without my putting MINE on you too.  Not sure who was most surprised by my saying LET'S DO IT!!
They  (SKY DIVE KAUAI) are brillant in their prep for the jump. They have you arrive 45 minutes early so you can see a few jumpers come in bursting with life and gladdness as they come down....EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM THRILLED out of their minds...AND by the time you have signed all the waivers and they were ready to jump...I actually felt excited with them. NOT excited enough to go myself mind you...but steps...and really this was a HUMONGO step for me...just ask these boys!!! can go when you get home if you want...they ALL want to go again XXOOXX

Look at these smiles!! I grew up a little more as a mom this day. LOVE THESE CRAZIES!!!!

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