Sunday, December 15, 2013

10 days and counting Sammer XXOOXX

10 days and counting till we talk on the phone and SEE YOUR FACE!!!! That is ALL I want for Christmas!

Dad and I are just back from the family Christmas Party in Boise. The family sends their love. They loved on me!!! I was able to do 10 Aroma Touch Therapy's towards my certification to train. My hands were a bit ready to rest. I knew I loved to love on people, but I never quite knew how much I REALLY LOVE to make them feel good. Aroma Touch Therapy is a application of 8 oils in a specific order that brings the body into Homeostasis...I think you'll be asking for a few once you get home :) Spencer literally fell asleep and was snoring...I was SAD he was missing the feel good touch of it all. My massage table is portable and AWESOME!!! I am so happy to add this skill to my bag of life love. Laura AND Steve Nickle were both sick and literally BETTER when they got off the table :) Laura might be my best commercial!

I've already posted a few times this week so I'll keep this short. Michael comes home the 23rd thru the 26th...Josh too! Josh got the job at PF Changs in Bellevue. Haven't heard set dates on when he's heading out yet...will let you know. Meg leaves Christmas night. Spencer leaves the 29th....

I'd LOVE to know what your Christmas plans are IF you know them. And what time we can expect the call? PLEASE SPEND some of the money in your account on stuff you WANT and electric blanket? More under armor? Dinner out? Keepsakes? WHATEVER...but  I expect you to report back on what you bought Christmas morning. Your package is on its way :):):)

Your letters make my day, my week....I LOVE YER GUTZ! I'm so happy things are going so well and ESPECIALLY that you love your companion so much. Pretty sure you just LOVE EVERYONE though :)

Happy PDAY...I hope you PLAY HARD.

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