Monday, December 9, 2013

Home Plate Cafe GRAZING

Home Plate Cafe
Yesterday was another perfect day on the planet.
Sweet Sabbath
I ran in 3 degrees on a fresh layer of 4 inch snow. It was a winter wonderland. The snow makes the dark LIGHT :)  I hot tubbed as the sky softly let go of tiny "sparkilies" in the early morning light. I meditated on loving. I finished baking the LOVE empanadas for Russell's homecoming that I had made up the night before. The house smelled glorious. I picked up Tom and Deana and we headed to Spring City (pop 994) to look over a 1878 Restored Mormon Home. The 2 hours driving and sharing was BLISS. 

Spring City has a funky energy. It is a sleepy getaway where Mormon artists and polygamists gather to create. There are art galleries empty of people but filled full of exquisite pieces. If you like a piece, there are love notes asking you to please leave the tagged amounts in the cash box. If it isn't tagged you leave the value you place on it.  Spring City is prime Utah desert with a smattering of human plantings and no one has been generous in that department in the last 225 years. Of course this is a Florida girls opinion.  The SPACE, the view to forever, and the mountains in the distance give it its own brand of beauty. Ok...and the see antler art as well as refined art. Nuff said. :)

I had only had an orange for breakfast. Tom and Deana had only had green smoothies. We were hungry. We were on our way home. It felt like a miracle to have the Home Plate Cafe OPEN on a Sunday in a tiny Mormon community, much less  for it to even EXIST in Fairway. Tell me the name isn't PERFECT? Right?  Just wraps you up. And it held that anticipation of having that ONE spectacular food item -- the best in 3 counties that you could only get HERE! (Yes I watched the movie 2 Guns the night before so this anticipation was already downloaded). 

We choose our booth at the back. The young happy waitress brings us menus and Tom says "We want an order of pancakes and french toast and bread pudding while we decide what we each want to order"


It has a name. Tom calls it GRAZING. 

Is YOUR HEART beating FAST? Don't YOU WISH YOU"D BEEN THERE? Remember there are just the three of us. And YES HE DID just say that those would be our starters while we decided WHAT EACH of us were going to order.
Tom says (MAGICAL WORDS) "we don't have to eat it all...just what we want...we all just "have at it" as much as we want till we're done".

And we did.

No germophobs allowed.

 With forks readied and working over the deliciousness of our starters--(which I swear had an added dimension of deliciousness due to the abundance and allowance!) We each ordered. AFTER asking the waitress what THAT ONE item was-- comparable to no other restaurant, she said ALL the BREAKFAST items :) THEY HAD HOMEMADE BISCUITS AND GRAVY. They were heaven. Let me write that again. THEY WERE HEAVEN! I have some heaven inside of me :)

Remember how Shauna asked me to FEEL over and examine inside the differences for me between self denial and self control when it comes to food? Can you doubt that the Universe is crazy mad in love with me when this FOOD LOVE experience is just plopped with oozing abundance and delight into my lap? 

Yep. There are issues with the uneaten food. Unless there aren't. I have a knowing that even if a deserving dog or chickens didn't get to enjoy it, the earth itself welcomed back the abundance making rich her soil. 
I was given an understanding that I CAN eat what my heart calls out for. All of it. AND I can stop when I am perfectly full.

Immediately I thought of people I NEED to go GRAZING with...but Shayne Clarke, YOU TOP MY LIST!!!

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