Sunday, December 8, 2013

8 Dec 2013

Suzie got baptized last night. My training went long so I missed it...but Spencer was there. I knew you'd want to know Sam.

I'm sorry I'm short of family pics for the week. Just imagine all of us in LOTS of SNOW. Well...except for Dad. He's in Paraguay and Peru till next Wed and he's in SUNSHINE. I'v only cleared the walks twice but I am SO OVER IT...woke to MORE this morning. Mostly its my having to keep clearing off the hot tub that is aggravating. More third world problems I am so grateful for :)! Will suit up in a bit a go get it taken care of.

Today is Russell Allphin's Homecoming. Made 50 Empanadas to take over. I still haven't seen him yet...but then there has been the snow:) Crazy how we can live right next door and not even a sighting.

I was trained in Aroma Touch Therapy yesterday...similar enough to a massage that EVERYONE of you is so going to LOVE me practicing on you! I have to do 25 for certification. Gonna put it out on Facebook to see if I can't get them all in before Christmas. Too bad it has to be 25 different people :)

Been playing Christmas music in between my Country Love songs on Pandora and just want to kiss the lips of whoever invented Pandora! I am finding that its harder for me to work with music that an age thing? I have always loved quiet time though.

I'm so glad its Sunday. Truly, for the first time ever, it is my FAVORITE day of the week. A DAY OF REST. If I didn't have to run a client to Spring City today I would stay in my jammies all day. Yes, I have a client NOT usual.  I've been doing a daily devotional out of a book by Sarah Young called JESUS CALLING Enjoying Peace In His Presence. Her perspective is that of Jesus speaking to you. She has a gift. Obviously I've liked it or I wouldn't have continued with it for so long. I LOVE seeing how other people view their Gods. It makes me pause and see what parts of their understanding matches with mine and gives me new light.  Many days we feel the same LOVE. I so appreciate the way she articulates that love.  I can't wait to see who Oprah has on Super Soul Sunday today! I am still SMILING learning from Karen Armstrong from last week. I should get her book A HISTORY OF GOD  tomorrow--have I ever said how much I LOVE AMAZON PRIME???!!!! Well I do!!

I am assisting the Nickle's in selling their cabin. Its been a fun week talking to people who are in the market. The inside of that cabin is my most favorite ever...but then you have to wonder a bit if that's because of the memories and people who have loved us in it!?

I am suppose to be doing my taxes. Man. THIS IS THE LAST YEAR I will sit here with an overflowing basket of receipts thanks to Megan's MONEY DESK TOP. I went to be trained in it with her on Thursday and it is BRILLIANT!! so intuitive...and truly...whether you use your cards or bank accounts IT DOES IT FOR YOU!! I feel like I could do a commercial and I haven't even had it for more than 90 days. Our world is incredulous! I feel like the LOVE Gods are just pouring down on me. This week I got trained on Money Desk Top, Aroma Touch Therapy, got to see a baby elephant born, had a favoritest child hood friend reconnect with me, read about the findings of the lost city Heracleion, slid into a stop light in the Sequoia and just missed a truck I swear by 5 inches, had a front row view of Herman the wonder cat enjoying reign of the house, AND I get to type out my heart to you boys and you will have it the second you go to open it. Seems like there should be another word for Gratitude that means Gratitude times a gazillion. Right? Which just brought to my mind the scripture from Isaiah...55:12  YOU WILL GO OUT IN JOY and BE LED FORTH IN PEACE" Amen. I came across this one this week and it may have just taken rank as my new favorite.

With that Love is only 17 days till we talk to Sam. (there should be typed characters for Moms dancing on the table!!!) 15 days till Michael comes home (I got your flight lovey, but Travelocity hasn't sent me the email...will track it down today) And no days till my heart sits in perfectly imperfect happiness over the perfectly imperfect life lived with THE MOST PERFECT PEOPLE for ME on the planet.

GO OUT IN JOY and BE LED IN PEACE....Tis the Season!!!

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