Sunday, December 1, 2013


 Michael was going to ride his motorcycle home instead of take his flight. I had this AWFUL FEELILNG, BUT DID NOT SAY SO--I've really been working on not living in fear. And you get how I hate it if I think my kids are COLD or SAD or UNCOMFORTABLE in any way. So, KNOWING myself I prayed for comfort and that I could feel the excitement that MICHAEL was feeling at having this "glorious ride"... I was super good to just say Please lets figure out how you will be warm enough. That morning, he gets all layered up, heads out, and comes back about 15 minutes later and says "I just had a bad feeling so I'm going to take my FLIGHT". Can I TELL YOU how THRILLED I am when I KNOW my children are listening to their inner voice??? Yep. He's a man. As a mom...I just want to know that each of you HEAR that inner voice, and I am so COMFORTED to know that you listen.
 Never had so few for Thanksgiving! we were expecting more but they ended up at other places...we REALLY missed Preston, Jeremi and ALL the kiddos. I was super sad to not have Laura and her cousin and family here. That girl BELONGS to US xxooxx
 Skinny Grandad...he's lost 17 pounds.

 Jammin in the front room. Dad has this awesome video on his phone IF I can get it to download. Michael and Spencer sound awesome together. I really really really LOVE to hear you kids singing and playing together. And I STILL smile that NO ONE other than Megan really plays the piano. Isn't it comforting to know that we find what we love most? What I LOVE MOST is all of us together just hanging.
 Our annual puzzle...we did it in less than 24 hours. SO DANG addicting! I loved not working. I turned my phone off. Why is that SO HARD for me when I ENJOY the freedom SO MUCH?  I just cooked and cooked and hung out in my jeans and never even put make up on :) And eating with no calorie counting...HEAVEN!  We went to see THE BOOK THEIF. The movie was almost as good as the book. The older I get the more overwhelmed I am with the AWESOME , TALENTED people on our planet.  I so WANT to be this OLD WISE SOUL...but I so 'get' that I'm just a baby here among GIANTS. I'v thought A lot lately about how thousands of years ago the sages understood the stars in such a profound way. I can tell you the moon and venus and the big dipper. And there are the, really?? I have all this modern technology but my understanding of the basic physical elements of the earth is so weak. Who ARE these people who understand what it takes to write a successful plan to send a man to the moon? But hey...I'v got making YUMMY thanksgiving dinner DOWN.
 Kasi, her sister and her sisters friend from Mexico came and shared the meal with us. They brought yummy fried pork rolls and an oreo cheesecake. We had had ADEQUET food for sure.
Its December 1st Loves. Almost a new year. Time to start dreaming dreams and putting our deepest hopes and desires in to at least a clear mental image. You know I like mine on paper and in pictures. Isn't it FUN to think of the new people and experiences and opportunities that are coming our way that we don't even KNOW about yet?? Freaking LOVE me some POSSIBILITIES!!!  2014 is going to be a marker year for all of us. I am excitedly nervous as I write this...but I PLAN to finish 2013 hitting DIAMOND rank in Doterra. Will you add me and my plan  to your prayers and best energies? I SO BELIEVE in the power of our combined energies. And this is a wee bit of a stretch for my team. I have 4  (actually more) but 4 incredible FRONTLINE builders and if I can help them all reach SILVER this month I will rank DIAMOND. In my whole build I have never solicited their help in reaching a goal for ME. It has always been focused on THEIR Goal. This month I'm putting my big girl panties on and asking them to assist me in my goal. I had NO IDEA that this year in Do Terra would have been so fruitful, so FRIEND filled, so new people, strategy, motivating, skill learning filled, unexpectedly NICE. January 1 I will be prepared to bring on my final 2 front legs. Do this month I will spend opening myself to them and on the search. I can hardly believe I am writing this. My heart is quivering with anticipation  as I wonder WHO IN THIS MOST INCREDIBLE WORLD will be coming to me? They have NO IDEA what is in store for them or how life changing all that is ahead for all of the team will be!!! I am sending energy out for  beautiful, driven, smart working, hard playing, people loving, funny, easy to be with, health conscious, HAPPY partners. I would really love dedicated COUPLES :) I am always so surprised by HOW they come to me. SO...great stories and people ahead!!!

The hot tub was too GREENISH to get in after my run this morning. I was so disappointed! And then it hit Megan says...such a third world problem. I quickly was grateful that the reason it is so GREENISH is cuz of all the visiting we had in there this weekend. I am SO GRATEFUL for my hot tub.

I am so grateful for you SAM. I realized what a sweet GOOD thing it is that we miss you so deeply. If we DIDN"T miss you it would mean that we hadn't built this fortress of love and memories. But for goodness and our life's loving sake, we have, and there is this HUMONGOUS hole here when you are gone. I started thinking about the holes that will be left all over England when you come home. Sam...I want to love like you. I wanna leave holes that people want to make sure get refilled. We got a sweet note from one of the sister missionaries you are serving with about how much SHE admires you and wants to be like you. Pretty cool at 19 to have others wanting to be like you.

Michael looks beautiful and Seattle seems to be his Happy Place. He was just offered a job at an Irish Pub he loves and he is thrilled. He will stay at PF CHANGS till he see which is better.Josh has found a room mate and they are looking for apartments together, but more in the downtown area. It looks pretty sure that he will work for PF CHANGS while he takes this school break and figures out what it is he really wants to spend his life working towards. Now that they will both be in Seattle I will search diligently for a Do Terra partner there.  I have been surprised at how accepting I am being of them being so far away. I have a new LOVE and appreciation for airplanes and airlines. I need to settle on one and become their frequent flyer. I'm grateful and feel the synchronicity of our  family trip there...makes it easier for me when I can picture where they are. Josh will head out after Christmas.

Megs leaves on Christmas night to go to Costa Rica on a vacay with Casey.  She is counting the days. That girl should be a travel writer or at least a travel AGENT. Spencer is Mr. Happy and working and schooling and HE leaves on road trip w Stephen and Terrance and the other boys for a week on the 29th. Everyone is busy being adults...create happiness.

Your package will be mailed first thing in the morning. I am INTENDING it to get there on time. PLEASE use some of the money in your account to take advantage of CHRISTMAS IN ENGLAND. Buy yourselves some Christmas treats and Christmas dinners...NICE DINNERS out. Get a tree...? Buy a souvenir your future family can take out each year and you can tell them your stories ....
I LOVE YOU LOVE BUG!!! Happy 1st day of December.

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