Sunday, December 22, 2013

ONE DAY till Michael...3 days for Sam xxooxx

Anna Alphin and her posts are in the top 10 of my favorite things that randomly come to me in a day! This is the instagram post:
Anna_allphin  Yeup...Taught my cat how to sit. Beat that. #cat trainer#poke cat #my cat
Megsalina  Love sharing a cat with you.
Anna_allphin  It's the only way to have a cat
Our cat stars in plenty of insta gram posts from Anna...go back and see them if you can. ANNA is freakin hysterical!!!!

ALMOST THERE!!!!! Tommorrow. Tomorrow!!!!!!!!.... 3 days SAMMER!!!!

I got the package last night...YOU are SOOOO Adorable!!! Do you have yours yet????
Maybe lie to me if you don't. Argh....

You would be snow boarding CRAZY if you were home. Snow snow and more snow!!! Poor Spencer is learning the sacrifices of a favorite job...all his buds have been going but he has to work. Good thing he loves it. I really am so blessed that all our kids are so responsible. Thank YOU!!!  As I write the snow  is gently falling outside. Its BEAUTIFUL...till you have to go out in it.

Laura flies out in a few hours. She will be gone 2 weeks. Man, we will miss her. I don't know that I'v EVER met a more kind, loving ,happy, easy to be with person. She is a welcomed balance in our home.

Josh is here with all his stuff. Done with Logan for now. Thinking to leave for Seattle around the 28th. Tomorrow the Partying BEGINS. I am ready. I am so ready.

OK Lovies...keep me in your prayers. I am still on target for DIAMOND. Finger, eyes and toes crossies. My builders are so ridiculously AMAZING. And so is the product...and so is our LIFE!!!!! Thrilled to take 4 days and CELEBRATE ALL OF THAT!

Megs is ready for Costa Rica. Still think we should look for a job for her that involves more travel....well, or more vacation days :)

So...the tree is up, but still no lights or decorations and pretty sure no one really cares :) It makes me smile.

I am almost done with shopping...just need a few more stocking stuffers. I just found this shirt that I missed putting in your will come in your next one...we got it for Christmas eve jammies when we were in Seattle...the boys had a hilarious time choosing which shirt was MORE ridiculous.  .They went with the one with 3 wolves :)

Make sure you tell us WHAT TIME for talking on Christmas Sam.
I love you both SO much...but I like it so much better when its IN PERSON>

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