Sunday, December 14, 2014

Breathing Circle Mediation on 12 / 13 / 14 xxooxx

Genesis 2:7 King James Bible
And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

 I went to look for a picture to grab hold of some of the feelings I had last night at the Breathing Circle...and couldn't pick just one. I really really hope for YOU  to join me in this experience at some point.
 It is a guided meditation where you join with others laying on yoga mats on the floor with your heads all pointed towards the altar. Don't let that altar word scare you. It has many meanings..but yes...a dedicated space for God to come to bring enlightenment.  On the altar are items you have brought that symbolize your desire to cleanse or bring a certain clarifying intention to.
You bring or choose crystals or rocks that you hold or place near you or on you to aid in grounding you through the mediation. You come with a specific intention of issues or items you want to release ( breathe OUT) and then those you want to attract or magnify (breathe IN). Higher version of self please rise, lower version of self please exit.
 You are taught breathing techniques all through the mouth that you use as you meditate. The meditation is done to music and drums and some other super cool stuff that heightens the experience. At the end is a sort of short testimony experience for those who wish to share. The experiences are all over the place...SO VARIED. My experience was sacred and I choose not to share.

I was led to this experience by my teaching the aroma touch technique in Do Terra. I teach about the sympathetic and Parasympathetic body systems.

Systems that just work involuntarily without our even noticing. And then those that we have a conscious affect over. BREATHING. I became enthralled that our very body is a witness to us of our goal of BALANCE. What happens when we breathe too much? When we stop?

I love that our bodies do not lie. We can LOOK at ourselves and each other and see witness of our imbalance/pain. We can FEEL ourselves in imbalance and pain.

Our breathe is IN/OUT...TAKE/GIVE...anytime we get out of balance with our giving and taking whether it be BREATH or LOVE or CRITICISM, shows up in us PHYSICALLY. We can look at our bodies and SEE if we are GIVING or TAKING too much. Remarkable right?Everything is a pattern for our journey here. Important note: it doesn't mean that balanced LOOKING bodies are in shows up in our sicknesses, fat skinny or balanced looking.

I could be embarrassed that I have taken too much food...OR I can SEE it and adjust my BEING. I am interested at my heart thought-- that to bring my body back into balance, I must give back what I took too much of...literally reducing my intake...allowing my body to GIVE back what I took too much of... till I am in balance again...and then proceed to hold my body in BALANCE by eating only what it needs.  I get mystified at how easy that is for some.

It's never just a ONE area of imbalance kind of a thing. All these systems in our bodies represent  and hold different emotions for us.

 I came here to figure/SEE/love it out. Figure/SEE/love out balancing this simple/complicated, beautiful/ugly, spirit/body experience.

I trust that my opening to so much SEEING so late in my earth years is just perfect. This breathing thing. WOW. Just WOW.  So now you can SEE why I was so drawn to this meditation experience. It did not disappoint. I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!!
Jim offered to come and share this  breathing meditation with a personal group of my choosing. I INVITE any and all of you to


 and join me. I would LOVE to have this the last week of December as each of us set new intentions for 2015. It's $25 a head and will happen at my home--OR somewhere in the Utah County area if we get too large. OH...LETS GET TOO LARGE! You know how I love a group consciousness xxooxx  Below is Jim's blurb on the experience from his site.

Using the Breath to Heal 
Emerge into LIFE!!
Breathing – something we do, often with no intention.The Breath Work – the act of creating healing through intention and action...and air!
Do you know the power of your breath? To heal, to cleanse, to energize...
Through this breath work, we oxygenate the blood, we open up the ductless glands in the physical body, and at an energetic level, we create the space to allow healing to occur on multiple levels. Vibration of your energetic and your physical body – through one of the most plentiful and legal substances available on the planet – air!
This LifeShop will consist of a quick opening breath after a brief overview, a discussion about what you’re creating in life, and a second deep integration breath to take your healing to the next level.
You will leave energized, inspired, and may even discover a level of is amazing! Experience this, for you, for your loved ones, for your smile!
Wear comfortable clothes, bring your yoga mat, a smile for yourself and to share, and your life.

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