Saturday, December 20, 2014

Love from SAM xxooxxooxx 20 Dec 2014

Hey family! this was a crazy week. actually it was a really emotional one, but overall is was great!

We worked on transfers for most of the day- all day for sunday and monday, it's been a great experience both times. On Sunday we found out that Elder Higham would be going to Birmingham City Center for his new area, called Harborne, and that my new companion would be Elder Lu. Elder Lu is great! he's from Provo, he went to Timpview. Both of his parents are Chinese so he speaks it perfectly. unfortunately, there are no chinese students or chinese people at all in our area, but it's still cool.  I've really been impressed with him so far. 

On Tuesday we gathered all of the departing missionaries from the train station and had our last night with them. definitely my best friends in the mission, elders and sisters, were in this group departing, which made for a really bittersweet moment. One of the sad things is as much as we like to think we'll hang out after the mission, with missionaries from all over the world, and going to different universities, etc. It will be so hard for us to stay close! Taking them to the airport was especially hard and seeing them leave, but all of these changes will be for the better. 

Transfers week is always a bit hectic with our sleep schedule. Monday to Tuesday we got 2 hours of sleep, and we got about an hour and a half from Tuesday to Wednesday. I didn't mind because we were so busy the whole time dealing with the new missionaries incoming Wednesday morning, but we had a fun surpriseon Wednesday night. We had assigned for 3 sister missionaries to drive to Wales, 3 hours away, to get to their new areas. President decided that because one of them had never driven in the U.K, he didn't want her first experience to be on the free-way, the other sister didn't have her license, and the third has just gotten off of 21 hours of flying from Provo without any sleep, so Elder Lu and I got to drive to Wales on Wednesday evening. Every 45 minutes or so we made a trip to a gas station to fuel up on snacks and drinks to keep us awake and going. In the end there was no real problems drowsy driving or anything, and it was actually way fun! let's just say I had no problem falling asleep that night, or any of the nights proceeding. 

Thursday we got exciting news about a member referral named Simon. So a recent convert named Brett who's been baptized since June brought a friend to churh, and now were teaching him! He is a really great guy with a lot of real-intent. He loves the Book of Mormon and church, so that makes for a great opportunity for us.  We'll keep you posted with how he is doing.  

For P-day today, we are going to buy loads and loads of chinese food. Elder Lu is basically a chef. I have been SHOCKED by the quality of food he has made for us already in just a few days. He's also on a very strict diet, that he's asked me if I'll do to help him, I was already doing one anyways so it will work out really well.  

So... for Christmas, I will call you sometime between 10-11 a.m. your time! I hope that is ok. Please let me know if that's not ok. if anything changes, I'll let you know immediately. we will be skyping at a part-member family house. THey are great and were more than happy to let us use their computers!  

Well, the church is true. It still will be for the next 2 transfers but I'll probably keep reminding you all :) Especially in this amazing season, I am grateful for Jesus Christ. For his example, for his love, for his atonement, and for him reaching out in love to us, his brothers and sisters, and restoring the truth to the earth today. Have a great week!! 


Elder Harris. 

P.S. I have received all of the Christmas packages, thank you so much! I'm waiting until Christmas to open them :) 

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