Friday, December 26, 2014

LOVED LOVED LOVED Talking to you Sammer xxooxx

 Dad and boys went up to ski at Sundance today...but the lines were atrocious so they came back home. Tonight we had dinner at Dan's with his ADORABLE BOYS...then watched Despicable ME 2 in his home theater.Now the boys have gone back to Dad's for what i am pretty sure will be an all nighter Poker game. SOOOOOOO many times we have said...NEXT YEAR Sam will be with us...or hey...THIS ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!! Better yet...SPENCER'S Birthday!!! You look so beautiful to me.As you could see...everyone is building in excitement as each of you return...So much LOVE and FUN LIFE LIVING AHEAD!!! xxooxx
Just one of the JOYS of being HOME....water just a little too green for me to get in

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