Friday, December 12, 2014


I can't wait to get Stephen Hawking's book A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME. There is a hope so big inside I can hardly keep it in...almost a knowing --that I WILL UNDERSTAND it. IF I am patient with myself I will GET IT.  I am confused as to WHY I waited till so late in my life to be so curious about the mechanics of my world and to trust that I too could grasp complex understandings and ideas. And the simple ones.  Math and numbers keep calling me. I watched him putting mathematical equations to concepts and  theory's and I just wanted to THINK like that...from that place. All the while having spent my week seeking to live from a place of less words...more BE. I am the hungry caterpillar late to her cocoon. I have eaten through years of books and human ideas. I am ready to wrap myself up and let the magic of just sitting  and incubating work inside and out. I am. I am becoming.

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