Friday, December 12, 2014

SO MUCH LOVE in our LIVES 12 Dec 2014

 This is happening TODAY...the reception is tonight...LOVE US SOME KIMMIE COOPER!
 Dan and Megs at her Christmas party last weekend :)
 Michael's new Tatoo ...owie bogowie--makes a Momma cry!...the sun and the raven......
 Joshy and Therese xxooxx
Little sister not looking so little!! xxoxx
Our BEAUTIFUL JOSEFA is 8 weeks pregnant and living in Charolettesville, Virginia!! Both she and her husband have come back to the states to study for thier Masters Degree. Suddenly feel a need to open Do TERRA in Virginia :) (Actually already have someone in Richmond....)

89 days till Sam comes home. 10 days till Michael and Josh come home!!!! xxxoooxxx

I LOVE YOU. Just sitting here in my love. And GRATITUDE for our remarkable lives and the astonishing people who came here to love us through. Be the happy difference in someones day:)

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