Saturday, December 6, 2014

This is my REAL

Granddad Steadwell leaves me pennies on my runs when I run outside...this morning my OTHER granddad..POP POP...left me a penny and told me in my head clear as clear that this one was from HIM and for me not to forget that he looks out for me too!!!!It was about 7 years ago when i was running the LA freeway up above Rock Canyon to Springville...rough trail run ...that I last heard him...and that time he told me to relax and pick up my feet higher...I did and didn't fall once! How incredible is it that we have teams watching out for us on BOTH sides??? Love me a run. New neighborhoods, landscapes....perspectives :)

I owe Corina $10...last night at 945 I made Kraft Mac and Cheese and ate at least half the box. I'm not even sorry. I will pay up with a smile Corina xxoox

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Win said...

You make me cry!!