Friday, December 5, 2014

Harris Love November 28th thru Dec 5th

Today is my Grandmother Lillian Simmons Steadwell's birthday...Just remembering the peanut butter cookies, the fried eggs you dunked toast in the middle of the runny yoke, yelling at Alfred the dog to get out or down..Abigail the dog being the favorite, holding me when I lost the ring that use to be my moms, riding my trike on the patio, stealing cherry tomatoes out of the garden, nap time on the cot, the easter egg hunt, teaching me to make carrots and turnips, letting me go for long bike rides at the farm, knitting and knitting, adoring my mom, flirting with Grandad. xxooxx

So...Marsh already had a big owie :(

Posted by Marsh this week: Tbt with the Bammer. Only 3 more months and we'll be slayin around like the good days. #ladyslayers — withSam Harris.

 By freak turn of events...Christian is the famous new BYU quarter back!
 One set of our love birds...ADORABLE, right???????
 Pics of Elder Harris....did I mention how many times I went through Birmingham on my last business trip and I DID NOT STOP?????????

 Spencie's friends tying the knot!!! Can you see how ripped brother bear is? At the gym EVERY morning...wish we went to the same gym! xxooxx
 Grandmom came for Thanksgiving and helped Dad decorate the tree.
Hello Lovies!
I am so excited for the 22nd when everyone will be HERE...and then for the 25th when we all get to talk to SAM...FOR THE LAST TIME before we get him HOME!!!!!!

First...the weather has been was up to 65 degrees today! I am not sad..unless of course it makes spring last LONG. Weird to be without a coat...much less short sleeves.

I love having the lights on the tree to greet me when I come in...and Pandora has rocked the whole holiday music space. The full moon has its own special light.

So OSHO is a new favorite of mine  xxooxx  I know, I know...just humor me... if you've got nothing else to'll love it...I'm not so far in...but I especially like page 29 thru 35....

He assists us in getting the HOW of BEING in the NOW ---which is all there IS....and not being stuck in past or future....He and Eckhart must have been soul brothers :)

I'm rereading the New Testament for the season...and for new perspective since I've also been reading Yogananda's Second Coming of Christ ...and just finished Baird Spalding's LIFE and TEACHING of the MASTERS OF THE FAR EAST. I love Jesus. I love Christ Consciousness.
I love Christmas. I love lights and presents and parties and friends making time and yummy feast food and carols and YOU!! Really...I can hardly wait for you to get here!!!!

Bammer...did you get your package???? xxooxxooxx  Pretty much EVERYONE I see is excited to have you back...think I'm gonna make it :) Spencer is celebrating your arrival and his birthday with a brothers trip to the SPACE CENTER!!!! How incredibly brillant and FUN will that be???????? Leave it to Spencer to think of it! Now I just need to get street hockey equipment and unicycles and the whole reunion will be complete!!! WE ARE SO SO SO SO CRAZY IN LOVE WITH YOU BUDDY!!!! My friend asked who will be FAVORITE child now that you are home and no other missionaries are leaving behind you...I said with all first GRANDCHILD!!!!

It feels so GOOD not to be going anywhere for awhile. SO NICE to have a schedule where I wake up, mediate, exercise, study, make MY bed...just a consistent SCHEDULE!!! Yee HAW!!!!

Tax time and taxes have such a strained, avoidance laden relationship.

I've missed like 4 weeks of Survivor ---anticipation of jammies and a catch up is glorious! Just wish you were all here to eat the popcorn  with me...oh, and there WILL be popcorn!!! I'm surprised at how rarely I ever turn the TV on :)

More and more geese are moving into the pond and lake...its exciting...a few chased me the other morning on my run...not sure what I did to upset them. I am definitely their food symbol though...I walk out and they come a running...its great to give them the left overs.

I love you. I LOVE YOU BIG...just countin' days till you are in MY arms!!!
Lather your LOVE everywhere...and lets be super generous to those less fortunate.

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